truth behind my silence

when words can't describe how you feel , let the tears do their job. but tears can't back the time. tears can't make you have again what you had. tears can't make you living your plan again. tears can't make you back in time. i guarantee that. 

that time when i made a decision for my future life. but it can't happen because my dad didn't want me to do those things. that time when i finally know what i want to do for my life but still i can't make it happen. that time when i give up on my dream just because they want me to follow another dream. that time when i finally enjoy what  i'm doing but again , i have to leave it behind. 

and now i mess up again. i make a choice which isn't make everybody happy. i want to follow my heart but my mind told me to follow my parents. i want to have something that i can be proud of like my sister had but it's mean i have to ignore my parents want. 

so here i am , try to figure out the things that i have to do. 


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