The internship

Last thing i wrote was about my little project. But today i want to share about my internship. Yup, i'll finish my intership by 2nd april. And i'm gonna miss it. Miss everything in my internship. But life must go on and there's a lot of things i must to do. 

First, need to start my skripsi and get done it by the end of april. Ah finger cross i can do it! Second, need to finish my france with an excellent score. I need it cause my dream still about Paris. Third, back to my home and help my mom to pack everything. And fourth, find a real job with a payment. Gosh, never thought that it's gonna be a big year for me. 

And my internship was amazing. I known by a sweet nice and charming but also known as a stupid girl who believe in man that will never ever be a good guy for me. For some friends, i may known as an annoying girl and not-so-good friend but that's okay. 

It's gonna be end soon but i think i need more time to realize that i was in love. In love with my job , in love with my work place , i even in love with the friends that hurt me. I was in love for 6 months and i know i'll in love forever. In love with me -waking up at 5 and get ready for have a 8 hours or more in work place , in love with them -work harder than me but still get the smile on their faces , in love with friends -from different city , different culture but speaking with one language. 

But i have to say goodbye. To everything i adore in the kitchen , the smeels of chocolate , the rush hour when we had a lot of function , most of all, i have to say goodbye to family i've just knew. 

Thanks for the team, thanks for the friends, and thanks for you... 

Bye bye my internship , gonna miss you! 


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